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We produce sustainable and organic food. All our natural food products are USDA certified organic food. 

Wholesome Ingredients

Gold Grain Organics is a dedicated supplier of healthy, organic food ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers across the world. We are committed to supply organic food ingredients that are healthy for consumers, as well as beneficial for our planet.
Organic Future
We believe that organic is the future of sustainable food ingredients, and we are continuously striving to grow our range of organic products.
Farmer Friendly
We facilitate our growth by helping our organic farmers to boost their productivity, and to support conventional farmers with their switch to organic.
Global Organic Movements
In addition to this, we also work with various organic platform organizations to support the organic movement worldwide.

Organic And Healthy Planet

Global Climatic Conditions
We rely heavily on the environment to produce our organic ingredients. Healthy soils and favorable climate conditions are essential for our organic farmers to successfully grow their crops. Despite this, climate change is causing irregular climate patterns for many of our farmers, and soil erosion is affecting farm lands across the globe.
Holistic Approach
In an effort to combat these ongoing changes, we are working with our farmers to help them to protect and strengthen their soils and adapt to climate change. In addition, we are continuously working to reduce our own environmental footprint. With these actions, we hope to help to secure a sustainable supply of organic food ingredients for now and for the future.
Company Goads
At Gold Grain Organics, sustainability is at the heart of our business. We believe in the benefits of organic farming and it is our purpose to bring sustainable and organic certified ingredients to the market. We are proud to work with thousands of organic farmers and to supply organic ingredients to some of the world’s most sustainable and socially responsible brands.

Organic Products

The Finest Organic Recipes

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